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    JClaw Tek Flash LED Super Bright Headlamp

    JClaw Tek has worked long and hard to come up with the best compact headlamp on the market. The Flash headlamp is the brightest compact headlamp to run off 3 AAA batteries available. Combine that with multiple useful settings and long battery life and you’ll quickly agree that the Flash leaves the rest behind.

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    JClaw Tek Fire Talon Multitool Pocket Knife with LEDs

    JClaw Tek is incredibly stoked to announce the launch of our new Fire Talon multi-tool! Combining the precision of Swiss tool fabrication with innovative built-in LED lighting technology, this is the multi-tool to end all multi-tools.In a perfect world, you’d only have to deal with emergency repairs, household projects, and other DIY tasks in well-lit conditions.

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    JClaw Tek 51 LED UV Ultraviolet Scorpion Flashlight

    JClaw Tek is super excited to announce the launch of our new Scorpio Ultraviolet Flashlight. 51 powerful ultraviolet 395 nanometer LEDs give off an impressive beam of black light. Our new flashlight is so powerful, 30% brighter than our competition, that you won’t need a regular flashlight to see where you’re going at night. Here are just a few cool things you can do with our flashlight:

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    JClaw Tek Kodiak Survival Knife

    JClaw Tek is extremely proud to announce the launch of our new Kodiak survival knife! The Kodiak features a 3.5” knife blade, a powerful removable LED flashlight, a magnesium fire starter and an emergency whistle. It¹s everything you need in an emergency and nothing you don¹t.

About JClaw Tek

JClaw Tek is a small company looking to expand rapidly into the online Amazon marketplace. Based in the high-tech environment of Southern California, we have developed some of the most cutting-edge personal lighting devices ever seen. We feel that topquality products and excellent customer service are the perfect formula for serving our community.

Why JClaw Tek?

  • Premium product
  • Highest quality materials
  • Brightest LEDs
  • Water resistant design
  • Money back guarantee


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