JClaw Tek's Fire Talon Multitool is Here!

Swiss tools with built-in LEDs


Fire Talon Instructional Video
JClaw Tek is incredibly stoked to announce the launch of our new Fire Talon multi-tool! Combining the precision of Swiss tool fabrication with innovative built-in LED lighting technology, this is the multi-tool to end all multi-tools.
In a perfect world, you’d only have to deal with emergency repairs, household projects, and other DIY tasks in well-lit conditions.
But you know that this is far from reality. How many times have you been stuck trying to make a repair, install a replacement part, or fix some pesky problem in poor lighting? If you’re like most “fix it” types, it’s probably more often than you care to think about!
And it never fails… when you need to take care of an installation or repair task, the flashlight you keep in your toolbox or “junk drawer” has mysteriously disappeared… leaving you to fumble around trying to complete your task “by Braille.”
Even if you do manage to locate your flashlight, you still have the cumbersome task of trying to shine the light on your work area with one hand while you attempt to make repairs with the other. As a result, the task takes twice as long as expected… and you’re still not 100% sure that the problem is solved!
But what if you had a solution that required no extra hands… no juggling tools and flashlights trying to get the job done… no rifling through your toolbox trying to find the flashlight that seems to wander around your house or car at will.
Imagine this: It’s 5 AM, and you’re just about to head off to work. But when you start the car, you find out that your headlights have burnt out. You’re in a hurry, and your trusty flashlight is nowhere to be found. You need to replace the headlight bulb quickly so that you can get on with your day, but the lack of proper lighting has turned this simple task into a maddening, knuckle-busting ordeal.
But what if you had a multi-use tool that provided built-in lighting so that you could replace your headlamps in record time, get to work early, and enjoy a cup of OJ before you started your day?
Or what if you had built-in lighting to replace a fuse in the basement after your power unceremoniously went out? You’d have both hands free to complete your repair quickly instead of trying to prop up a flashlight to illuminate your work space (or worse, relying on dangerous candles)?
Fire Talon is the only solution that gives you a full range of essential tools AND a built-in LED flashlight on both ends to make performing emergency repairs, replacements, and installations a breeze!
Here’s what you get with the JClaw Tek Fire Talon Multi-Tool Pocket Knife:
T-TWO strategically placed LED flashlights that give you full illumination… no matter the task!

  • A HUGE 3-inch, self-locking, stainless steel 3Cr13 knife blade for even the toughest cutting tasks!
    Professional-grade scissors to make trimming and cutting a breeze!
  • Easy-to-use wire strippers to make electrical repairs simple and safe!
  • A built-in can opener to take the frustration out of camping trips!
  •  Phillips and flathead screwdrivers tough enough to handle any task!
  • Spring-loaded pliers to take the frustration out of installs and repairs!
  • Sure-grip rubber handle inlays to give you full control, even in dark and rainy conditions!

Fire Talon can be a life saver when you need to make quick repairs, whether you’re at home, at the camp site, or stuck along the side of the road!

Emergencies rarely happen under ideal conditions, but you don’t want to have to lug around a bulky tool box everywhere you go! That’s why we designed the Fire Talon to be easily portable. When closed, this Swiss Army knife-type tool measures just 4 inches long and weighs just 9.8 ounces. So you can take it with you wherever you go, without worrying about not having the essential tools you need to avert nearly any kind of catastrophe!
Don’t settle for a multi-tool that features a flip-out flashlight. These tools are great if you only need one or two tools located on the same end as the flashlight… but you want to make sure your work area is well-illuminated no matter which tool you need! That’s why we outfitted the Fire Talon with two high-powered, fully integrated LED flashlights – whatever happens, you’ll be prepared!
The JClaw Tek Fire Talon Multi-Tool Pocket Knife comes with a 1-year warranty, so you know you’ll have everything you need to perform repairs and installations right at your fingertips.
We’re even providing a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE… so if you don’t agree that the Fire Talon is the BEST multi-tool you’ve ever owned… we’ll refund every penny of the purchase price… no questions asked!