UV Flashlight Instructions
JClaw Tek is super excited to announce the launch of our new Scorpio Ultraviolet Flashlight. 51 powerful ultraviolet 395 nanometer LEDs give off an impressive beam of black light. You can now purchase the Scorpio at, the largest online pet retail store in the US!  Our new flashlight is so powerful, 30% brighter than our competition, that you won’t need a regular flashlight to see where you’re going at night. Here are just a few cool things you can do with our flashlight:



Reveal What’s Been Hidden From Your View

This UV Flashlight is like a Magic Wand!

  • Locate dog/cat pet urine carpet stains!
  • Perfect for hotel room inspection applications!
  • Reveal rodent contamination!
  • See bed bugs before they get you!
  • Hunt scorpions before they hunt you!
  • Detect leaks using UV dyes.
  • Hunt for valuable minerals!
  • Perfect tool for forensics investigations!
  • Spot counterfeit currency!

This large UV flashlight with 51 UV LEDs allows you to cover a much bigger area without losing the intensity of the UV light. We have done side-by-side tests and we are on average 30% brighter than our competition!.

Emits 395 nanometer wavelength light. Rugged, machined aluminum construction with knurled design! Water and shock resistant!


  • Bulb Type: 395 (nm)
  •  Bulb Life: 100,000 Hours
  • Body Material: Aluminum with “O” rings for water resistance
  • Battery Required: 3 x AA Alkaline Battery (Not Included)
  • Battery Life: Approximately 20 hours on 3 AA batteries
  • Switch Type: Push On/Off button
  • Weight: 10 oz. 285 gram
  • Head Diameter: 2.25″ or 57 mm Body
  • Diameter: 1.42″ or 36 mm
  • Length: 5.80″ or 147 mm
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you’re not happy with it, no worries just return it for a refund.